Eirik’s Journey to the End of the World

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Follow Eirik as he sets out to find himself, a girl and a dragon as his accomplices.

Eirikin matka maan ääriin (Eirik’s Journey to the End of the World) is a music fairytale for the whole family. It tells the coming-of-age story of a boy at the threshold between childhood and adolescence. The boy starts to discover his own uniqueness, with a girl and a dragon as his mirrors.

Eirik’s adventure starts when he takes off on a journey with the dragon who grew up with him. The duo heads to the faraway tip of their northern land. The dragons fly here to nest with their kind. The small, round and butterfly-loving dragon Arnaldur cannot fly, however. The Viking girl Freya – who dreams of one day becoming a soldier – joins the boy and the dragon on their adventure.