Nuken Tarina – (Doll’s Tale, Audiobook in mp3 format)




Language Finnish

The downloadable zip folder includes the following files:

01–Nuken tarina – Luku1.mp3
02–Nuken tarina – Luku2.mp3
03–Nuken tarina – Luku3.mp3
04–Nuken tarina – Luku4.mp3
05–Nuken tarina – Luku5.mp3
06–Nuken tarina – Luku6.mp3
07–Nuken tarina – Luku7.mp3

Text and piano Teemu Laasanen

Illustration Marija Dergaeva

Publisher Kopperi Oy

Year 2017

Format mp3

ISBN 978-952-7364-01-7


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