The faces behind the fairytales

Teemu Laasanen 

I am a music educator and lecturer in piano music. I have over two decades of experience in working with children both as a teacher and a performer. 

I have a passion for developing new ways to experience music and art. I find the visualisation of music in stories and images an absolutely fascinating, and partly subconscious, process. 

MusicFairyTales produces music fairy tales in traditional formats such as print books and audio books. Our plans for the near future include bringing these stories to life on interactive touch walls. Music fairytales combine classical music, stories and illustrations. The touch walls will add a gaming aspect, allowing players to step inside the characters to complete different tasks. 

Noora Nikka 

Writer, music educator and mother from Otava, Finland 

Music was very important to me already in my childhood and I became excited to experience the world through playing the piano. The path of playing the piano led me to make music into a living. I have had the chance to work with music and children for over twenty years already. Music has often opened up to me through stories thatI have then interpreted in a visual form. This creative flow of storytelling first manifested in the music fairytale Eirikin matka maailman ääriin (Eirik’s Journey to the End of the World) in 2019. I am extremely happy to continue my adventure as a writer of musical stories!  

“When you sense your true power, you can take flight with your wings. 
Flying is possible. 
Dare to live your dream!” 

Risto Kopperi

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Producer and actor from Finland 

I have over three decades of experience of working in different theatres. I have primarily worked as an actor, but I have also gathered experience as a director and producer, and in other theatrical tasks. 

At the moment, I am in charge of, among other things, dramatising new stories, recruiting actors, and studio direction.