MusicFairyTales – step inside the world of fairytales and music!

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Would you like your child to have utterly unique experiences that open all the senses to beauty? Are you looking for alternatives to the often hectic mainstream children’s entertainment these days? You have found what you are looking for. Our MusicFairyTales were born out of their makers’ love for children and the timeless power of fairytales and music. 

Once upon a time there was a shared dream. A dream that children could have experiences in all the languages of art to strengthen their senses, and to cherish and support their natural born gifts instead of silencing them. The music educators Noora Nikka and Teemu Laasanen, along with the actor Risto Kopperi decided to make their dream come true. They posed questions that previously no one had answered. What if the stories were written based on the music, instead of the other way around? What is the most natural way to encourage both children and adults to develop a taste for classical music? Why are the well-known benefits of music not put to use more widely? And this is how MusicFairyTales was born – much more than an audio music tale, much more than any story told so far.

MusicFairyTales spreads the universal message of music and storytelling to all the children of the world. The tales are also suitable for adults – the charming music, the fascinating allegories of fairytales and the sense of suspense engendered by the stories open doors to new dimensions for listeners of all ages. MusicFairyTales takes its listeners on magical journeys, drawing inspiration from many cultures and creating unforgettable images and emotions. 

MusicFairyTales for all senses in all languages 

Where imagination grows wings
where emotions take the lead
stories are born
dreams, ideas
enchanting melodies
all the hope of the world
all the beauty in the world
and all the love.